Lunenburg County Virginia Public Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter promotes responsible pet ownership, works to prevent animal borne disease, protects the public and seeks to find homes for every pet.

Lunenburg County Virginia Public Animal Shelter's Mission is to promote responsible pet ownership, prevent the spread of animal borne diseases and protect the public by seizing public nuisance animals roaming throughout the County. We provide a temporary shelter for stray, unwanted or homeless animals, maintain a vigorous relocation program to include health screening, vaccinations and mandatory spay or neutering of same. All activities shall be in compliance with state, federal and local laws and regulations and performed by a humane and professional staff.

Lunenburg County Virginia Public Animal Shelter believes all domestic animals deserve to be treated with respect and integrity. We will represent the animals with honesty and compassion. We will work with the community, rescue organizations and foster homes on behalf of the animals to give them a second chance at finding loving forever homes.

Lunenburg County Virginia Public Animal Shelter strives to promote public awareness and provide education to the community concerning the importance of spaying/neutering to prevent overpopulation. We will utilize the technology available to reunite lost pets with owners, to identify breeds and characteristics, to advertise the availability of adoptable pets and to continue the education of ourselves and the public.

1320 Old Mansion Rd
Lunenburg, VA 23930
United States

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