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Spotsylvania Animal Shelter

Houses all animals, appropriate, that are collected by Animal Control deputies or county citizens.

Animals are held in accordance with state requirements, and are redeemed by the owner, adopted, or euthanized. Our shelter has been on a NO KILL Mission since September of 2013. The shelter also houses a low cost spay/neuter clinic, which is operated by Lionhearts Inc., a local humane organization. All dogs and cats adopted from the shelter are sterilized within 30 days from the date of adoption, with the exception of puppies and kittens that are too young.

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Manchester Animal Shelter

A non-profit NO-KILL animal shelter rescuing stray and abandoned animals off the streets of Manchester New Hampshire, USA.


Adoption fees are currently as follows: Puppies/Dogs: · Young Puppies (8 weeks to 6 months): $350 · Dogs (7 months to 7 years old): $275 · Senior Dogs (8 years and older): $100 · Seniors for Seniors(Seniors 65+ adopting over 7 yrs): $50 Cats · Kittens ( 8 weeks to 5 months): $110 · Cats (6 months to 7 years old): $85 · Senior Cats (Over 7 years old): $35 · Senior for Seniors (Seniors 65+ adopting over 7 years): $25 Other animals · Rabbits and Ferrets: $60 · Other animal pricing see management --All animals “of age” will have received their rabies & distemper vaccinations and been spayed/neutered prior to being picked up. We have a 100% spay/neuter policy; every animal (including puppies and kittens) are fixed prior to adoption. --Adoption fees are subject to change with or without notice. --All dogs are microchipped and heartworm tested prior to adoption. --All cats are tested for FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) and cats over 6 months are also FIV tested prior to adoption. --All cats are microchipped before leaving the shelter for their new home.

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BARCS Animal Shelter

Welcome to the official page for the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) 501(c)3. We are the largest animal shelter in the state of Maryland, taking in more than 11,000 cats and dogs, as well as an additional 1,000 exotic animals annually.

The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc (BARCS) is a nonprofit shelter that accepts and cares for all animals in need and promotes responsible pet ownership for a more humane community in Baltimore City.

BARCS offers many programs. We offer a low cost vaccination clinic, the first Saturday of each month from 9 am to 12 pm. Durning the clinic you can get a $6 rabies vaccine, $10 distemper vaccine, $20 microchipping and your Baltimore City Pet License. The pet license ranges from $5-$30. You can also purchase and Baltimore City Pet License anytime during our normal business hours (Monday-Friday 2-6, Saturday and Sunday 11-4). BARCS receives 50% of the proceeds for pet license sales. In order to purchase a pet license, your pet MUST be current on its rabies vaccine, and you must bring proof of that. If your pet has been spayed or neutered, please bring proof of that as well. To adopt an animal from BARCS, please stop by during regular business hours to view our animals. You may start the process by filling out the adoption application online or by stopping by. If you are interested in becoming a foster, please visit our webstie for more details.

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Vafa Animal Shelter

How to help vafa?

In 1383 the first shelter for animals was opened in Iran by Mrs. Fatemeh Motamedi. The Shelter is located in Hashtgerd area and is named Vafa (Loyal). This shelter was build in order for the stray animals to be able to have a place to stay. The Vafa shelter is a non government charity organization relying solely on private donations and volunteers. The center for animal lovers and the Vafa shelter is still continuing because of your donations and support. Right now the shelter has over 700 dogs and without peoples donations, covering expenses such as food, shelter, medicine, medical care and shelter maintenance would not be possible. In order to donate to our shelter you can emal: You can also contact the founder of the shelter via email at:

آدرس پناهگاه:

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Mary's Doggies

「Mary’s Doggies台灣瑪莉愛狗協會」是一個以「為台灣流浪狗尋找永遠的家庭」為宗旨的非營利組織。 Mary's Doggies is a non-profit organization rescuing the homeless dogs of Taiwan and rehabilitating,

「Mary’s Doggies台灣瑪莉愛狗協會」是一個以「為台灣流浪狗尋找永遠的家庭」為宗旨的非營利組織。 Mary's Doggies is a non-profit organization rescuing the homeless dogs of Taiwan and rehabilitating, then rehoming them into forever homes. 在台灣這片土地上,流浪狗的問題十分嚴重,他們的蹤跡遍布大街小巷。協會的存在就是盡我們最大的力量改善這個嚴重的問題,幫助這些受困、受虐或被流放在街頭或山區的流浪狗。 Mary’s Doggies is a non-profit organization working hard to alleviate the terrible problem of stray dogs in Taiwan. Unfortunately, Taiwan has a huge problem with stray dogs all over the island with many of them getting caught in traps, getting abused, or suffering from the elements of living on the streets or in the mountains. 協會的領養家庭散佈於世界各地,我們不只希望幫流浪狗找到永遠的家,更希望的是幫助他們打開傷痕累累的心房,重拾愛人和被愛的勇氣,也因此除了必要的藥物治療外,我們也給予適當的訓練讓他們能順利適應新環境、新家庭。 Mary’s Doggies is dedicated to helping these homeless dogs by rescuing them, rehabilitating them both physically and mentally and then finding them loving homes both in Taiwan and abroad. We want to make sure the dogs that we rescue get the best medical attention we can find and also get the much needed training so they will be ready for their new homes and adjust well. 流浪狗大多在街頭或山區度過了很長一段時間的折磨,我們知道要讓他們重拾對人類的信心並不容易,可能需要幾個月甚至是幾年的時間,但協會從不放棄他們,我們用心、平等地去對待每一隻來到協會的流浪狗,陪他們一起度過這些艱難時刻,一定為他們找到永遠的家庭。 We treat each and every dog we rescue with respect and love. Many of these dogs have had a very hard time on the streets of in the mountains of Taiwan and need many months, even years of training and confidence building before they are ready for adoption. However, we don’t give up on them and help them get through their difficult times and help them find their perfect forever homes.

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約克夏幸福園是由一群熱愛約克夏的人士所組成,救援各地收容所中或流浪約克夏的救援團體。我們出錢、出力、出時間,救援各地收容所以及流浪的約克夏,幫他們醫療、注射預防針、結紮、養胖養美,中間過程包括從收容所領出、到獸醫院檢查醫療並隔離至少一星期(剛到獸醫院的八合一、犬瘟、腸炎檢驗,洗藥澡並驅蟲,住院隔離觀察一星期,若有疾病則持續醫療,結紮)、到愛心中途家中養胖養美等家,之後開放給愛狗狗的人士認養,幫約克夏們找一個永遠愛他(她)不離不棄的家。 約克夏幸福園從2013年1月成立至今,已救援並幫助超過八十隻的約克夏找到家,我們將來也將繼續救援台灣的約克夏並幫助他們找家。當然,我們雖以救援約克夏為主,但並不以此為限,其他小型狗如馬爾濟斯、博美等亦視情況救援。 世風日下,不負責的飼主以及黑心繁殖場不斷丟棄約克夏,約克夏幸福園需要更多志同道合的朋友一同加入我們救援的行列,讓台灣不幸的約克夏們脫離不幸,邁向幸福!!! ************************************************** 跟我們約克夏幸福園認養有資格限制喔!!!限:年滿25歲,有獨立經濟能力,同意接受探視,住北部地區,但謝絕獨自在外租屋學生並謝絕情侶 ************************************************** 各位有意認養狗狗的朋友們好: 首先感謝各位的愛心,願意給這些孩子們一個不離不棄的家。為了讓各位了解我們認養的過程,茲說明如下: 1. 請先私訊告知我們您想認養哪隻狗狗(限一隻) 2. 我們會私訊傳送認養評估書給您(WORD檔),請您填寫認養評估書(認養評估書是一些請您回答的問題,請您仔細回答好讓我們知道您養狗狗的方式,並請在認養評估書上附上3~4張您家中環境照片),填寫完成後請私訊回傳(填寫認養評估書之目的,請見 3. 我們審核您的認養評估書後認為適合後會跟您約跟狗狗相見歡互動 4. 相見歡互動後確認合適就會約定一日送養 5. 約定送養日我們會親送狗狗到您家,並與您簽訂愛心認養切結書(但請出示身分證正本以核對身分無誤),並酌收3000元資助我們下一隻救援的狗狗(預防針注射費、結紮費、血檢費等,並會請獸醫院開立收據) 6. 將您加入我們認養人的FB社團,與其他認養人互動交流,並請不時PO上您家寶貝的照片,跟大家分享您家寶貝的幸福 7. 每半年舉辦一次回娘家活動的聚會(自由報名) 此外,也請各位朋友配合以下七點: 1.要認養幼犬的,請勿打擾!!! 2.要認養未節育的狗的,請勿打擾!!! 3.不願意填寫認養評估書的,請勿打擾!!! 4.不願意資助其他救援狗狗3000元醫療費用的,請勿打擾!!! 5.未年滿二十五歲的,請勿打擾!!! 6.請由本人申請認養,不接受代申請!!! 7.請體諒我們都是一般上班族,要上班要顧家還要照顧狗狗,有時無法立即回應,請見諒!!! 再次感謝各位的愛心~~~ 約克夏幸福園 敬上

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Frosted Faces Foundation

Donate to Frosted Faces Foundation!

Frosted Faces Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization delivers solutions to fulfill the promise of family and quality veterinary care for senior animals whose love and lives are in jeopardy.

Donate to Frosted Faces Foundation!

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Fayette County Animal Shelter

Official page of FCAC. We take pride in our shelter. Our dedicated Officers care for the stray pets in our county and fight crime against animals.

It is our mission to build a community where our citizens all have the ability and tools they need to be responsible pet owners, and animals are a valued and respected part of our society. We can achieve that goal through accountability, cooperation, safety, and communication. We imagine a community where every animal has a loving home, and no longer need the support of rescue groups and shelters. "It's not about animal rights, it's about human responsibility"....

Fayette County Animal Control is under new leadership. We have a new approach to delivering animal care and control services that reflect the delicate balance that exists between animal welfare and control/enforcement. It is our goal to reduce the dangers and nuisances to our citizens caused by irresponsible pet owners, while protecting pets from abuse, neglect, and homelessness. We will accomplish this through aggressive enforcement of animal ordinances and laws, and fastidious care and concern for the homeless animals under our care. We are staffed by 5 dedicated, professional, and enthusiastic full time staff, and one part time kennel technician. We maintain a strong relationship with the Fayette Humane Society and various rescue and animal welfare organizations in our area. We can't do it alone. We serve all of Fayette County and its municipalities to pick up stray animals, investigate abuse and neglect, enforce animals laws and ordinances, and assist with dangerous animal situations. We also operate the county's only animal shelter, caring for over 50 stray pets a day, and working to find them caring, responsible new homes after their owners have abandoned them with us. Watch for new volunteer opportunities and programs on the horizon!

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Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta

Official Fan Page of Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta™ (GRRA™) — Atlanta’s oldest and most experienced Golden Retriever rescue organization, founded in 1991.

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Fulton County Animal Services

Fulton County Animal Services 860 Marietta Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. 404-613-0358.

Save the lives of lost, abandoned and unwanted pets in Fulton County, encourage on and off-site adoptions, work closely with rescue groups, and assist owners in locating lost pets.

Fulton County Animal Services (FCAS) powered by Lifeline Animal Project is dedicated to giving loving care to the homeless pets of Fulton County and Atlanta, while striving to find homes for as many as possible. Please come by and adopt or foster a pet today!

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Whitfield County Animal Shelter

156 Gillespie Drive Dalton, GA 30721 (706) 278-2018 Diane Franklin, Interim Director

156 Gillespie Drive Dalton, GA 30721 (706) 278-2018 Diane Franklin, Interim Director

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Atlanta Pet Rescue And Adoption

Includes photos of available animals, adoption policy, and training and pet care tips

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Best Friends Animal Society

National animal welfare organization working to end the killing in America's shelters. Together, we will Save Them All.

More than 4,100 dogs and cats are killed each day in America’s shelters simply because they don't have a safe place to call home. At Best Friends Animal Society, our mission is to bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets. We believe that no animals should have to die in shelters when solutions exist to save them — solutions like adopting, fostering, spaying/neutering and trap-neuter-return (TNR).

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Releash Atlanta

A 501c3, not for profit, 100% volunteer run rescue saving dogs from high kill shelters. We also match potential adopters with their furry new best friends!

Releash Atlanta is a 501c3, not for profit, 100% volunteer run, GA Department of Agriculture licensed charitable organization that works tirelessly to save dogs from high kill shelters throughout the state of Georgia. We receive pleas for help around the clock, 7 days a week for desperate dogs in need of help. These dogs are often loving, happy family pets that end up behind bars through no fault of their own. We dedicate our lives and resources to saving these souls. We operate 100% on the donations we receive from the public, and every penny of those donations go directly to the dogs in our care, or to the ones that soon will be. We have no paid employees and never will, so you can donate knowing your gift is going to save a life, not to a salary! Once dogs are in our care, they are immediately rushed to a vet to be thoroughly examined, vaccinated, heartworm tested, microchipped, spayed/neutered, and ultimately treated for whatever ailments they present with. Once they're healthy, they head to their foster home where they hang out with our awesome foster families until a loving forever home is found! We save all breeds from Yorkies and Shih Tzus, Pit Bulls and Doberman Pinscers to mutts large and small! If a dog is in need, we are here to help and do as much as we can with the resources we have. We also assist families that want to adopt, but find going to a shelter sad, difficult or overwhelming, by using our shelter/rescue network and contacts to find the type of dog you request. You tell us what you want and we do the legwork. By providing this service and making adoption easier, we hope to place rescue dogs with families that would otherwise support breeders or petstores. We stand ready to help the community find a companion that will thrive as a part of their family. We are here to assist them as well as our rescue partners in every way possible throughout the adoption process and will continue to be a resource after they have welcomed their new family member. We strive to make Atlanta a better place for our homeless pets, our rescue partners and shelters as well as all of the loving, adoptive homes out there! Please consider joining our team as a foster familiy!! WE NEED YOU!

We are a 501c3 non profit, all volunteer run dog rescue organization that matches shelter and rescue dogs with adoptive homes in and around Atlanta as well as giving local rescue groups large and small another outlet to get exposure for dogs you may not have seen otherwise. We also organize big, fun adoption events and parties all benefitting the homeless pets of Atlanta. We do this all in a positive, happy manner and refrain from the sad eyes begging behind bars - there is too much of that out there already. Join us on our mission to make Atlanta a better place for homeless dogs, and help us reach our goal of making adoption easier so people don't have an excuse anymore!

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Two Tailz Rescue

Non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming homeless, abused, and neglected dogs.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome homless and abused animals. We also help educate pet owners about the realities of pet guardianship. We serve our community through the endorsement of spay or neuter for all companion animals, and promoting respect and responsibility for all animals on this earth to enhance the lives of pet owners.

We are a 501(c)3 organization completely supported by donations used for medical care, food, rehabilitation/training, and transportation costs. Two Tailz Rescue actively searches for permanent homes for its rescued animals. We also provide assistance to individuals as well as other animal rescue groups fostering animals in need of permanent new homes.

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